National Nacho Day 2018

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National Nacho Day 2018

national nacho day

Yes, there is a National Naco Day 2018. Everybody loves something, and that it why there are so many days highlighted throughout the year, from obscure to revered.

If you’re a Mexican food lover like me, then National Nacho Day (November 6th) is right up there with National Taco Day (October 4th) and Cino de Mayo (May 5th).  As if I really needed a national day to eat Mexican cuisine. I don’t, but it’s fun to have the day anyway.

Did you know that prior to 1943 the crunchy, tasty nacho didn’t exist? They were created during a late-night visit to a Bordertown Mexican restaurant, where a group of U.S. soldiers and their wives arrived. With an absent chief, one of the workers got creative, cut up pieces of tortilla and served them with cheese. Nachos were born! And a good thing too because you just have to have some nachos with a cool Margarita!

The worker who created nachos was Ignacio Anaya, and after the dish grew in popularity he eventually opened his own restaurant. As it caught on in the U.S. it was a favorite by the 1970’s and, by the ’80s, got even more traction being served as Arlington Stadium (at that time the home to the Texas Rangers baseball team.)

As for Ignacio Anaya, he died in 1975, but there was a plaque installed in that original town where he created the nacho, and the first International nacho day was October 21st. In the U.S. it was adopted on November 6th.

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